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domingo, 27 de outubro de 2013

Vamos tomar um café Terapêutico?

Entrevista " Café Terapêutico "

Mateo Tangi do projeto  Eduontour - entrevista com professor Billy .

For the last seven years Professor Billy has been working with people with special needs at Cieja Cl and he noticed the big gap between the education they were receving in the school, and the situation at home where, despite the real age, they weren't treated as adults but babies instead. He decided to include the parents in the education process creating thf "Cafe Terapeutico" (therapeutic coffee), an informal weekly meeting where educators, parents and special students could talk about important topics as sexuality, people rights, work, sport, culture and leisure. Today the Cafe Terapeutico is not only in Cieja but also in other schools of #saopaulo!
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